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    Abadi: We are in a new phase after the completion of a military call

    Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, the third session of the Supreme Council for Population in the presence of a number of ministers concerned.
    “We are in a new stage after the completion of a military call, and we have to give hope to the citizen by advancing the work and giving the priorities that he needs, and not only by numerical statistics, but by working on sustainable and human development and creating a good environment for the citizen,” Abadi said in a statement issued by his media office. “He said.
    Abadi said, “the priority of the government in the return of displaced persons and advised them to return to their homes and cities better than to stay in the camps.”
    Abadi “listened to the comments of the ministers and briefed on the national document on population policies prepared by the Supervisory Committee to draw a promising population policy in Iraq over the coming years.”


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