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    North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has capability to control weather!

    In the latest such absurd claim from North Korea, its state media has reported that their leader Kim Jong-un ‘can actually control the weather’.
    The claim came in the backdrop of the dictator being photographed at the top of a 9,000ft mountain.
    The Daily Mail reported that Kim was photographed walking around under clear blue skies at the summit of Mount Paektu located near the China border. The dictator apparently scaled the mountain in shiny black shoes and formal clothing, the newspaper reported.
    The state-controlled Korean Central News Agency applauded the North Korean leader for the ‘achievement’ while claiming that the fine weather during Kim’s visit at the mountaintop was because of the 33-year-old’s ability to control the weather.
    Normally during December, conditions atop the mountain are inhospitable, the agency reported.
    However, when Kim was scaling the mountain, it was a “marvelous scene with glee at the reappearance of its great master”. At the summit, the mountain showed “fine weather unprecedented”, the agency claimed.
    It then heaped praises on the man “who controls the nature”.
    Meanwhile, reports quoted a South Korean government official as saying that Kim’s latest move indicates the country might be planning to execute a top official.

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