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    The first Saudi comment on Hariri’s withdrawal from his resignation. Al-Jubeir explains why

    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir explained the circumstances of the Lebanese Prime Minister’s resignation from Riyadh last month and the promises made later in Beirut and urged him to resign.
    In the first comment on the withdrawal of Saudi Arabia from his resignation a week ago Al-Jubeir explained that “Saudi Arabia supported Saad Hariri and his political program when he formed the first government in the presidency of Michel Aoun, but the latter and Hezbollah did not allow it and did not give it political leeway, and used the interface to change the electoral law, To create a positive shock », quoted by« Russia today »59003] In response to a question on the« France 24 »TV channel , about the return of Hariri to the presidency of the Lebanese government, and accept it to return and work with Hezbollah, and how to accept it? Al-Jubair said that “Hariri returned to Lebanon to formally resign, but President Nabih Berri said he would listen to him and that Lebanon would be neutral about what is happening in the Arab world and would give political leeway to work.”
    If this really happens, he said: 10 days, to wait and see … We support this and we will see that both Hezbollah and Aoun gave political leeway to Saad Hariri to implement his political agenda. “
    And what if this is a failure of Saudi Arabia? We want a prosperous and stable Lebanon “
    ” If Lebanon were not there, it would have to be invented and invented. There are more than 16 or 17 nations living in harmony and harmony, and this is a model. If there is no homogeneity and harmony with all these communities we will lose all the minorities and we will lose this richness to our culture. “

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