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    North Korea’s political elite are injecting themselves with GOLD in the hope of curing cancer, dementia and even obesity

    KIM Jong-un and his elite are giving themselves gold injections to cure cancer, senile dementia and obesity.
    His top scientists have released a gleaming new range of drugs that they claim are better than anything available to us in the West.
    Only the great and the good of Pyongyang will have access to this new gold standard of health care.
    The leadership hopes to export the potions to the West and the packs come with English, Chinese and Russian instructions, according to local reports.
    One is called the nano-gold polysaccharide injection, developed by Korea Myohyang Trading Corporation, according to the nation’s official paper The Pyongyang Times.
    Developers say: “It is efficacious in the treatment and prevention of fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, insomnia, cancerous diseases, rheumatic arthritis, hyperpiesia, ageing, senile dementia, addiction to drugs, alcohol and chemical substances, and complications.

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