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    A US air base in Britain is closed

    A US Airforce base in Suffolk suffered a major security breach when a driver forced his way through the main security checkpoint.
    American military guards opened fire as the car travelled a significant way inside RAF Mildenhall after passing through a hail of bullets – stopping just metres short of a military aircraft, The Telegraph understands.
    Suffolk Police confirmed a 44-year-old British man forced his way onto the airfield at RAF Mildenhall on Monday afternoon, having initially entered into a dispute at the base’s entrance.
    The incident triggered a security lockdown.  Suffolk Police confirmed the incident was not terrorist-related and a 44-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass.
    A spokesman said: “Shots were fired by American service personnel and a man has been detained with cuts and bruises and taken into custody.” 
    The driver approached the main gate of the US base, which is manned by both US Air Force personnel and Ministry of Defence police.

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