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    Canada and the U.S. to co-host international meeting on the North Korea crisis

    Canada and the United States will co-host an international meeting on the North Korea crisis next month to turn up pressure on the reclusive nation and force it to the negotiating table to give up its nuclear ambitions.
    The Jan. 16 meeting in Vancouver was confirmed Tuesday as Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland met with her U.S. counterpart, Rex Tillerson.
    Tillerson, on his first official visit to Ottawa as the U.S. Secretary of State, had a half-day of meetings with Freeland that covered Russian aggression in Ukraine, the political crisis in Venezuela, the “ethnic cleansing” in Burma, Canada-U.S. trade and border issues, and then ended with a sit-down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
    The situation in North Korea — and Pyongyang’s continued weapons development and belligerent actions — dominated much of the discussions.
    Tillerson said the world seeks to show North Korea a unified message that “we will not accept you as a nuclear weapons nation.”

    North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has engaged in increasingly bellicose talk aimed at Washington as his country develops more and more advanced weapons technologies, highlighted by launches of new missiles that could threaten North America.



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