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    North Korean leader executes senior official

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was reportedly executed by a senior official for an error that delayed a new missile test, days after the execution of an official described as “the second man in the country.”
    Reports said the man who was executed was responsible for “failures” at the Bungyri nuclear base, delaying the launch of a missile in a new test.
    Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper said the official “mistakes” led to the postponement of the sixth ballistic missile test, which was supposed to take place in the spring and was postponed to September.
    He was also responsible for the collapse of tunnels that killed 200 workers, the Daily Mail reported.
    This came about five days after the execution of General Huang Byeong-soo, who was described as “the second state man,” after reports of accepting bribes.
    No official information from North Korea confirms the execution of the officials, but the North Korean leader’s visit to Mount Paiktu indicates that North Korean leaders used to go there before making strong decisions such as executing officials.

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