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    The American judiciary responds to a complaint accusing Trump of violating the Constitution

    A US judge has filed a legal complaint accusing US President Donald Trump of violating a law that prevents employees from accepting money from foreign governments through his real estate empire.
    Federal judge George Daniels said Thursday that the Citizens for Repsibility and Ethics (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics), which filed the complaint, did not represent any “victim” of the alleged violation of the law and therefore no prosecution was allowed.
    The judge also stressed that it was up to Congress not to judge whether the president could “continue to receive proceeds from his work with foreign governments without congressional approval.”
    The organization filed a complaint after the inauguration of the US billionaire in January, and received the support of prominent jurists and specialists in US constitutional law.
    The organization accuses Trump of violating an article in the US Constitution by continuing to receive “money and privileges from foreign governments, hotel guests, property leases and real estate transactions abroad.”
    Article 1 of the US Constitution (Article 1, Section IX, Section 8) provides that no person with an official position may accept, without the consent of Congress, a “gift, fee, function or title of a king, prince or foreign state.”
    The court is considering further complaints against Trump over his work at the Trump Organization, where he kept his shares intact, even though he handed over to his sons Donald, the son and Eric.
    Washington and Maryland filed a complaint in June against Trump for violating the constitution.
    In addition to the investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about possible “coordination” of his campaign team with Russian officials, one of the women accused of sexual harassment filed a complaint accusing him of defamation.
    Samer Zerfos, the former candidate for the reality television program “The Abrantes” presented by Donald Trump between 2004 and 2015, confirmed in October 2016 that the businessman had fondled her and tried to force her in 2007 at a hotel in Los Angeles.
    Judge Jennifer Schichter will soon decide whether or not to accept the case.

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