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    It rained dollars, riyals and cell phones at a Khanpur wedding

    A groom made sure that his wedding in Khanpur won’t be forgotten anytime soon by showering guests with dollars, riyals and brand new cell phones.
    Mohammad Arshad, a resident of tehsil Shujabad of Multan, married a woman who lives in Khanpur, Express News reported.
    When Arshad’s family – the baraat – reached the bride’s residence, they started giving away dollars, riyals and cell phones to the guests waiting for their arrival.
    The groom’s family hurled the gifts at the guests, who frantically leapt about to grab whatever they could lay their hand on. As the news spread, more residents of Khanpur rushed to the wedding to avail the opportunity.
    By the time the ‘rain’ was over, almost every guest had something to show for their efforts.
    The guests said the groom had eight brothers, four of whom lived in the US and the others in Saudi Arabia.

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