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    Amal Movement in Dearborn Celebrated the birth of Jesus

    On the occasion of the birth of the messenger of love and peace, the spirit of God, the son of Mary; Jesus Christ (A.S.) Message of Hope USA (Amal) had a big family event at the Islamic House of Wisdom.
    Many political, religious, interfaith and national forces attended the event with their families and loved ones.
    The celebration started with a speech by the Director of Amal chapter in Michigan; Br. Mohammad Chebbani, folllowed by kind remarks from Prof. Khalil Rammal.
    Rammal cited verses from the Holy Quran and words inspired by the occasion. Chebbani on the other hand congratulated all Christians as well as Muslims in the East, and stressed the embodiment of coexistence and the message brought by the Messenger of love, Jesus Christ.
    Professor Khalil Ramal, in turn, praised the efforts of the Michigan Division and its leading role in the reunification and submission of successive programs and the consolidation of coexistence and a message of love for all believers of all religions, sects, and affiliations.
    The mosque’a Imam; Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, also talked about the importance of the event and how Jesus was sent to earth as a “messenger of Justice.” As stated by Imam Elahi; “the reason for persecution of Jesus was not his call for peace but his call for justice!”
    The program was concluded by Sr. Faten Nassar who prepared an informative and educational game for kids in essence of the occasion. Over 50 gifts were donated by Midwest Recycling and all efforts of bringing food to our tables, fruits, and drinks were made by anonymous volunteers.
    Thanks to all families and couples that have joined us. Your joy and that of your children is ours.
    Milad Majeed!


    Isamil Jomaa/Dearborn.Org


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