Community Events

    The late Zeinab Mahmoud Said Bazzi commemoration services (Isbouh)

    The one week memorial of the late Zeinab Mahmoud Said Bazzi the wife of Mr. Ali Bazzi was held Sunday evening at the Islamic House of Wisdom. The services began with verses of the holy quraan and a majlis by sheikh hassan habhab followed by master of ceremony Mr. Naim Bazzi who delivered a speech of recognition of the late and her husband and family.
    Afterwards Imam Mohamed Ali Ilahi delivered a speech in English emphasizing the importance of positive communication amongst the community in general and within the family in specific.
    A speech of condolences was given by the lawyer Ms. Mariam Tehsin Bazzi who expressed the feelings of sorrow and grief with the loss of her aunt. She also thanked the crowd for there presence on behalf of her father Mr. Tehsin Bazzi, her mother Mrs. Em Ihsan and herself.
    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org