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    The United Nations dismisses 131 staff for austerity

    Following the decision by the United States to cut the UN budget by $ 285 million in the next fiscal year, the World Organization announced that it had abolished 131 jobs with the aim of austerity.
    “The organization has decided to cancel 131 jobs compared with the year ending, bringing the overall number down to 9,559,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement.
    The United Nations budget for 2018-2019 ($ 5.397 billion) is 5 per cent lower than in 2016-2017 and less than expected, with reductions in most agencies and United Nations offices, including special missions.
    The statement noted that the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the proposal of the Secretary-General of the Organization António Guterich on the transition from a budget for one year, instead of two years, in the pattern of testing, starting in 2020.
    It should be noted that the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Nicky Hailey, announced earlier this week that Washington, the largest financier of the Organization, decided to reduce its budget by 285 million dollars.
    “Everyone knows the ineffectiveness and overpriced expenses of the United Nations,” Hayley said, stressing that Washington would not allow the organization to enjoy the generosity of the American people.
    This came against the backdrop of adoption by the General Assembly of the United Nations overwhelmingly a resolution condemning the recognition of US President Donald Trump in the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

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