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    Flight leaves Auckland in 2018, lands in 2017

    A flight that took off in Auckland on January 1, 2018 has landed back in 2017.
    Hawaiian Airlines flight HAL446 was due to depart Auckland Airport at 11:55pm on December 31, 2017. 
    However a 10-minute delay meant the plane didn’t get off the ground until the following year – at 12:05am, January 1, 2018.
    The flight was destined for Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, which is 23 hours behind New Zealand. Its estimated time of arrival was 10:16am on December 31, 2017 -meaning the eight-hour flight essentially took its passengers back in time.
    Sam Sweeney, an ABC7 reporter, tweeted about the time-travelling flight, prompting a plethora of ‘Back to the Future’ memes and references.
    New Zealand was the first country on the planet to welcome the new year, while a considerable number of countries are still technically in 2017.

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