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    Make sure you put these destinations on your 2018 travel list!

    Have you started planning your 2018 tourist trips yet? If you are about to do that, we advise you to stay away from the destinations you have visited in recent years and live new adventures in countries you may not have known hidden treasures! We have choose some of the best new tourist destinations for 2018, where you will enjoy an old trip.

    You can identify some of them, as follows:

    1. Malta The island of Malta is located between Italy and Tunisia and combines multiple cultures, reflecting its impact on the Middle East and Greece. Its capital, Valletta, was recently named the European Capital of Culture for 2018.
    2. Serbia Although not among the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia has recently begun to put its mark on the map of tourism, thanks to its scenic nature and its abundant forests.
    3. Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde is located off the west coast of Africa and is famous for its music, culture and beaches. It also has many historical sites to explore, including the Cidade Velha site on the UNESCO World Heritage List, a Portuguese site dating back to the 15th century.
    4. Putnam Sakur National Park in Cambodia Cambodia’s largest national park is home to diverse ecosystems, from dense forests to many green lands and scenic beaches.
    5. Banff in Canada Banff, located in Alberta, Canadian Rocky Mountains, is the oldest national park in the country. It offers many winter activities and sports such as ice skating and northern lights.
    6. Nagano in Japan From Nuba Soba to Hot Springs, Nagano is an ideal winter destination for cold lovers. The city began to appear as a tourist destination recently, although it hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988.
    7. Essaouira in Morocco Essaouira, which is located on the old port and overlooks the Atlantic coast, is famous for its maritime winds that make it an ideal surfing destination.
    8. Rwanda Rwanda is moving away from its turbulent past, beginning to appear on the tourist map thanks to its stunning volcanic landscape, wildlife and national parks.
    9. Pyong Chang in South Korea Although South Korea does not have a global reputation as a ski destination to date, it may soon change as it prepares to host the Winter Olympic Games in the South Korean mountain region of Pyeongchang in 2018.



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