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    Erbil denies involvement in Iran’s protests

    The Kurdistan Regional Government denied the Iranian accusations, concerning the involvement of the region in the order of protests in Iran since 28 December last. “The publication of the Iranian Tasnim website by Mohsen Rezai, secretary of the Expediency Council in Iran, a false accusation towards the Kurdistan region that the Iranian demonstrations are run from Erbil,” the correspondent of Erbil Bazurk Mohammed, quoted the provincial government spokesman Sven Dzaii as saying in a statement. That “the government of the region rejects this fabricated false accusation far from the truth categorically, and that the Kurdistan region has proved that it is always a factor of security and stability in the region, has not and will not be allowed to be a cause of chaos and instability in neighboring countries.” He explained that the Kurdistan region always wants to have with the neighboring countries and the region and the world friendly relations on the basis of respect for common interests, pointing out that such statements do not provide any service to the existing relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran.
    The Secretary of the Iranian Expediency Council Mohsen Rezai, said yesterday that the details of the scenario of events in Iran planned in Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq by America and the group of hypocrites and supporters of the Shah, as he put it. Iran has been witnessing demonstrations in various cities since the 28 of last December in protest against the high cost of living and the deterioration of the economic situation, and resulted in protests, which erupted in riots and violence dozens of dead and wounded.

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