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    the Turkish authorities join the Syrian regime in blocking the website of the Syrian Observatory

    The Turkish authorities have blocked the website of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Turkey and north of Syria, which prevented followers of the Syrian Observatory from having access to news, daily publishing and monitoring by the Observatory for the field developments on the Syrian soil, this blocking of the Observatory’s site comes after the Syrian regime has blocked the Syrian Observatory’s website since its establishment on May 2006.
    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is surprised by the Turkish Government’s block of its website in the Turkish territory and the Syrian north, where this action contradict the freedom of expression and opinion; of which the Turkish government claims to defend and protect, it also contradicts with the article 18 and 19 of the international covenant of the civil rights, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Right does not belong to any organization or any political or military party in Syria or other countries of the world, and since the first day of the Syrian revolution SOHR have worked to monitor, document and publish all abuses, violations and crimes committed and practiced by the parties that work on the Syrian territory, from the regime to Russia, the International Coalition, Turkish forces as well as the parties that oppose the regime.

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