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    Lack of sleep liked to anxiety and depression, finds study

    People who sleep less than 8 hours a night are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, new research suggests.
    This, it says, is because insomniacs are less able to tackle negative thoughts and disengage with negative emotions than those who get a sufficient amount of sleep. 
    Published in the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, the study analysed 52 adults with “repeated negative thinking” (RNT) – the compulsive focus of attention on thoughts that cause sadness, anxiety and stress. 
    Participants’ sleep patterns were determined through interviews and their eye movements were monitored after being shown images intended to trigger an emotional response, as well as neutral pictures.
    Interestingly, the results revealed that getting an insufficient amount of sleep – less than eight hours – causes people to spend more time looking at emotionally negative images and means they are unable to disengage from the negative pictures they view, Science Daily reports.

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