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    Because of the “voice message” … the dismissal of a Saudi prince from office

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi General Authority for Sports, Turki Al-Sheikh, issued a decision to exempt Prince Abdullah bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud from his position as president of the Marine Sports Association.

    According to Okaz newspaper, Al-Sheikh announced the appointment of Maj. Gen. Hamad Al-Jaid as the president of the Union, to assume his duties as of his date.

    For its part, the Gulf 365 website said that the decision to dismiss was a direct order from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with reports that he was arrested and imprisoned in al-Ha’ir, to deny the prosecution’s account of the arrest of the protesting princes inside the royal palace.

    The site explained that the reason for the dismissal of the prince was due to a sound recording that spread on Monday evening, in which he said that all the charges against the arrested princes last Thursday, “completely false” and “unbelievable” and declared standing with his cousins.

    The agency “Bloomberg” America revealed a surprise of the heavy caliber, and announced the names of some of the Saudi princes arrested after being accused of gathering to protest the lack of state costs of electricity bills, noting that the reason is not announced by the Saudi authorities.

    The owners of Almarai, the largest Saudi dairy company, are among the princes who were arrested last week by the kingdom for protesting against the government’s decision to stop paying their utility bills. She said that princes Nayef bin Sultan and Saud bin Sultan, , The sons of billionaire Sultan bin Mohammed al-Kabir, founder of Almarai, were among the 11 emperors arrested, as well as Prince Nayef, a member of Almarai’s board of directors and chairman of third-largest Saudi telecoms operator Zain.

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