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    The Late Sayyed Mahdi Al Hakim Commemoration services (Isbouh) in Dearborn

    On Saturday, January 13 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon the Isbouh commemoration took place for the late educator and poet Alsayed Mahdi Alhakeem in the Islamic center in Dearborn. Those who where in attendance came about from the home country Lebanon and the Late’s village, Bentjobeil, as well as from the diverse communities and various walks of life. Haj Mohammed Alzein started the commemoration by reciting some Koran. After that, Dr. Noor Aldein Saab, A dear friend of the late Alhakeem, delivered his remark that focused and highlighted Alhakeem’s Academic and successful journey. Also, there were two students of Alhakeem’s shared their experiences: Mr. Adnan Baydoun and Mr. Kamel Bazzi who recited some poetry work from the poet Yehya Shami. In addition, Dr. Ali, Alhakeem’s nephew, delivered the remark that focused on the late hAlakeem characteristics and positive legacy that he left behind. Finally, Sheikh Kassem Baydoun recited Majles Azaa.

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