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    One Year Commemoration Services Of Hajj Abdulmunem Haj Abdelkarim Bazzy And Hajji Nada Bazzi Zeghir

    The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn held the annual commemoration for Hajj Abdulmunem Haj Abdelkarim Bazzy and Hajeh Nada Bazzi. The MC of the commemoration was Dr. Albert Harb. The commemoration started by reciting few verses from the Koran by Haj Mohammed Alzein. Then, the son of the late Bazzi gave a remark. Then Sheikh Ahmad Hammoud delivered his speech, as well as journalist Muhammad Baker Sheri gave his before the audience. Finally, Sheikh Mohammed Dbook concluded the commemoration by reciting Majles Azaa.

    Ismail jomaa- Dearborn.org


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