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    Barbaric assault beating on the mentally ill in the spa!

    A video clip was published documenting a barbaric assault carried out by an employee at a health care center against a mentally disabled patient in the Georgia State Hospital. In the beginning, the section shows how the employee directed a punch to the patient, Joy Cason, in the face, , Using a leather belt, at Total Care, located in Jordan. The employee stabbed the paranoid man 30 times before collapsing on the floor and crying with fear and fear, while local sources confirmed that the employee incited others to beat and mock him. Commenting on the terrible incident, Kesson’s lawyer announced that he would publish the video in 201 In order to draw the attention of the public to what is happening in the care homes in the state of Georgia. The lawyer also added that the prisoner Kesson is not suffering from a physical disability at all, but that his disability is mental, stressing that the man was never safe. Five staff members were charged in the role of assaulting patients and dissidents. In addition, five other caregivers who had witnessed and witnessed the incidents of assault were reported negligently and negligently, without being reported at all. The latest incident also resulted in the withdrawal License of “Total Care” by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability in ALWIL Yeh Alomrakih.olal What shocked the scandal is the discovery of more investigators for serious injuries in the bodies of sick guests, including injuries and facial injuries in the eyes, and even bone fractures.

    Source: Daily Mail

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