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    Climbing bloody journey .. Pretended death to survive the killer of her boyfriend!

    A man from Massachusetts was stabbed to death on the Abalashian road, killing one of them and wounding the other. Police arrested James Lewis Jordan, 30, after being attacked by climbers and charged with murder and assault with intent to kill. A man with a large knife and a dog on his way to the park was threatened with a group of four on Friday night, leaving two of the hikers to the north, After the murderer was removed, they informed the police of the attack. One of the victims was able to send a distress signal on his phone via the SOS feature and send his position to the police before his death, while the woman escaped. Police officer Keith Dungan said: “I pretended “The victim ran six miles before encountering another group of hikers who helped transport her to the nearest health center. The killer was arrested after the authorities spotted his dog. The dog showed them whereabouts, and then the authorities found a large knife on the road before finding the victim who died.

    Source: Washington Post

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