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    “Predicts” her daughter’s cancer and save her from death

    Australian mother Kelly Bern predicts that her daughter had a malignant tumor from a photo taken from the camera lens using the flash.

    According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Queensland Perrin’s inhabitant sounded alarming when he noticed a strange glow in the pupil of one eye only on a photo of his 5-year-old daughter using the flash.

    “I could not find an explanation,” Perrin said, “I kept asking others if they saw the glow I saw in my daughter’s eyes, but nobody noticed it because it quickly disappeared.

    The mother uses doctors who diagnose retinopathy, a rare form of cancerous tumors.

    The doctors performed a surgery for the girl who removed the infected eye and replaced it with an artificial eye.

    Doctors have confirmed that retinoma is usually diagnosed in children under the age of 3 years. They urge parents to be vigilant if they notice such glow in their children’s eyes.

    News – Russia today

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