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    Not only indicate a lack of calcium .. White spots on the nails hide these diseases

    Many people see the presence of white spots on the nails as signs of a lack of calcium in the body, prompting them to drink more milk, which makes some people know the label as “milk spots.”

    But white dots on nails, scientifically known as “punctate leukonychia”, are not “evil” and mean something quite different from calcium.

    White spots appear simply because of some trauma to the nail, not only by closing a door on your nails, for example, but by simply tapping the nails lightly, and other minor movements that may have a white effect on the nails.

    Small white spots form the base of the “nail bed” (located under the nail and show a series of longitudinal edges), where they grow gradually before they float on the surface, by the time they are noticed, and may have forgotten what caused you shocks in your nails.

    However, white spots may tell you something other than trauma, as it does not mean calcium deficiency, but it may indicate zinc deficiency, which requires eating foods such as spinach, beef, seeds and others.

    In the worst case, white markers may reveal malaria or Hodgkin’s disease (a type of cancer that occurs in cells of the immune system, specifically in white blood cells designed to fight infections and protect the body from disease), or sickle cell anemia. In very rare cases, It should not be a cause for concern, unless the entire nail becomes white.

    If you notice this you should visit your doctor immediately because it may mean something from heart disease or diabetes.

    Source: Russia Today

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