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    Miraculously survived .. He was hit in the heart and went to the hospital “on foot”

    Miraculously, a man escaped death after being hit by an arrow to his heart. The doctors succeeded in rescuing him in time, but the strangest thing was the way he got to the hospital.

    According to the Fox News network, the man who penetrated his body and hit him in the heart area specifically, was able to walk to the hospital, in the city of Turin, northern Italy.

    There doctors managed to remove the arrow and stopped bleeding, which contributed to saving the man’s life.

    The source did not indicate how the stock entered the man’s body, and whether it was the result of deliberate targeting.

    Doctors said removing the arrow from the man’s chest was an extraordinary success, given the sensitivity of the area where he was injured, and was likely to lead to serious complications.

    Source: Sky News

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