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    He suffered an accident and stopped his heart .. The doctor performed his surgery on the highway!

    A doctor rescued a motorcyclist after a sudden heart attack following a road accident in Britain.

    Dr. Mark Forrest, “fought to save John O’Brien’s life by undergoing surgery for his heart on the highway, after serious injuries and bleeding following a bicycle accident,” said the newspaper “Metro”. She explained that while waiting for the ambulance to carry O’Brien, The doctor forced Forrest to cut his chest and treat internal bleeding, and massage the heart to return it to the pulse.

    She noted that within minutes, John’s heart was beating vigorously, and the bleeding was controlled with the help of rescuers, while the helicopter arrived and took him to Intry Hospital for additional operations.

    The newspaper pointed out that John recovered completely last month from the incident, which was exposed in 2018, and said his daughter: he managed to walk earlier this month.

    At the Northwich Fire Station, a ceremony honoring ambulance personnel saved O’Brien’s life. He met with Forrest, who saved his life. “I was lucky enough to be able to walk in the hospital corridor,” he said.

    Forrest received a letter of appreciation from his city’s chief firefighter in honor of his efforts to save O’Brien’s life.

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