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    US federal institutions stop working

    The US federal institutions have stopped working because of a lack of agreement in the US Senate on a new funding bill, because the Democrats did not approve the project put forward by the Republicans.
    The Senate is currently negotiating a new bill. 
    For his part, the White House described the opposition of the Senate Democrats as “the behavior of the losers.” 
    The United States is one of the few countries where the government can not work without a specific budget. 
    The US House of Representatives had earlier adopted a provisional budget until February 18. 
    However, the Democrats in the Council are facing the new budget, and until the adoption of the law must be the votes of 60 members out of 100. 
    While the Republicans have only 51 votes, for his part, Democrats are demanding that the inclusion of immigration procedures, which is rejected by the House White and Republicans

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