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    Event in honor of the FBI Special Agent In-Charge, Mr. David Gelios

     Dr. Ned Fawaz, LIBC Chairman, hosted an event in honor of the FBI Special Agent In-Charge, Mr. David Gelios, at the weekly breakfast held by Khelan al Wafa at the Islamic Center of America. Mayor John O’Reilly, Officer in Charge, Mr. Ibrahim Dabaja, Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami, Dearborn 19 District Chief Judge Sam Salameh, Judge Mariam Saad-Bazzi, Retired Lebanese Security Officers, Mr. Mohamed Houri & Mr. Samir Chaito, Dearborn Heights City Councilman, Dave Abdallah, Building & Eng. Dr Mohamad Sobh, Dr Nourdine Saab, ICA Board of Trustees, and a host of head of cultural, social, religious, and political organizations and community members were among the many attendees at this event.
    Keynote speakers that took the podium:
    Haj Ramez Bazzi, Zouheir Alaouie, Mr. David Gelios, Ms. Boushra Alaouie, Dr. Ned Fawaz, and poet, Haj Sobhi Saad. Plaques were given by LIBC, Khelan al Wafa, & Reda Al Chaar to Mr. David Gelios for his dedication, loyalty, community involvement, and efforts in fighting racism and hatred. At the end, Khelan al Wafa celebrated the birthday of Dr. Ned Fawaz?!



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