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    Dearborn Police work closely with faith-based organizations to enhance and ensure their safety and security.

    The Dearborn Police Department – under the direction of Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr. – developed a safety and security plan for all places of worship including, The Dearborn Community Center, American Moslem Society, Islamic Center of America, Islamic Center of Detroit & American Muslim Center. Officers also provided special attention to our business districts. Personal Park & Walks were conducted at Al-Ameer Restaurant, Baba’s Grill, New Yasmeen Bakery, Bisher Market & The Elegance Center, Inc. The Police Department also performed proactive community engagement at the Eid Festivals throughout the City – greeting families who were celebrating. Teams of Officers were assigned to each location to ensure that traffic would be orderly and our residents felt safe. Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad stated that he was extremely proud of the men and women who did a great job today. Additionally, normal police services continued uninterrupted.

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