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    US court orders to pay $ 4.7 million to a Yemeni beaten and described as Bin Laden by his colleague

    A US federal jury ordered compensation of $ 4.7 million to a Yemeni-origin man after being beaten and bullied by a colleague he has repeatedly described as “Bin Laden” and “terrorist.”

    According to the Sky News, Osama Saleh was getting about $ 7 an hour as a warehouse worker at the Women’s Clothing store in the Brooklyn, New York, became a millionaire because his bosses did nothing to stop fanaticism and references as “Bin Laden”.

    “The description that I am a terrorist and bin Laden is an insult to me and my son,” Saleh, 27, told the New York Daily News after Friday’s verdict at the Brooklyn Federal Court.

    The person who tortured Saleh was James Robinson, a security guard at the store who has declared that he hates the Arabs and said they are “dirty” and that he (Saleh) should return to Yemen.

    Robinson pleaded guilty of assaulting Saleh in the basement store, causing fractures.

    Saleh is still suffering from hearing problem with difficulty in chewing and eating, after a severe blow he suffered from his colleague.


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