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    will Apple cancel the iPhone X this summer?

    The latest Apple leak has revealed the firm could cancel the iPhone X.
    In a new report, an analyst says the new model’s disappointing sales could lead to the phone being cancelled – with production stopping as soon as this summer.
    This could be the first time Apple has cancelled a phone model since the iPhone 5C in 2014.
    Experts believe the lack of interest in the phone is largely due to the notch, which many potential Chinese customers believe removes too much space on the screen.
    Apple plans to ship around 18 million of the iPhone X in the first quarter of 2018, according to Apple KGI security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
    He predicts the iPhone X could be ‘end of life’ as soon as this summer, rather than being kept on as a cheaper option for the following year.
    According to the report seen by Apple Insider, Chinese interest in the phone has been lower as consumers believe there is less usable space than on the iPhone 8 Plus.  
    The notch contains the 3D scanning sensors and cameras that power Face ID, but cuts into the top of the display. 
    Mr Kuo believes an ‘iPhone X Plus’ model will debut instead of the current model that will mitigate concerns about unusable screen area.
    The iPhone 6 and 7 have been more popular than expected meaning the firm remains ‘positive on Apple [and] the iPhone supply chain’, the report said.
    Mr Kuo also believes there will be a modest 5 per cent growth in overall sales during the first half of 2018.