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    6.1-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesia’s Java, shakes buildings in Jakarta

     A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the south of Java, about 140km south-west of Jakarta, at about 1.35pm local time on Tuesday (Jan 23).
    Indonesia’s meteorology, geophysics and climatology agency (BMKG) has ruled out the risk of a tsunami. Lebak regency, in Banten province, is the city closest to the epicentre.
    “Aftershocks were recorded at about magnitude 4, clearly showing a subsiding trend. We appeal to residents to not panic. Residents should go back to their normal activity,” said Dr Daryono, head of earthquake information and tsunami warning at BMKG.
    “At 61km depth, it is considered a medium depth and does not exert energy to spawn a tsunami,” he added.
    The United States Geological Survey said it was a 6.0-magnitude quake which struck at a depth of 43km.
    Muhammad Riyadi, head of earthquake and tsunami department at BMKG, said the quake had two aftershocks measuring magnitude 4.1 and 4. 
    “Jakarta is a bit far from the epicentre. We don’t anticipate any damage in Jakarta. No tsunami potential,” Mr Riyadi said.
    Residents in Jakarta, Bogor and Sukabumi reported that they felt the tremor. Some firms in tall office buildings in Jakarta have released their staff for the rest of the day.
    “I felt it twice and the first one was stronger. We were in a car and it felt like someone from outside shook our car,” Mr Hardi, a resident in Sukabumi, told Jakarta-based Elshinta radio.
    More than 100 houses were damaged lightly, according to Lebak’s disaster management agency.


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