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    The first Arab astronaut on Mars .. And the announcement of the “probe of hope” Arab!

    Emirates Mohammed Nasser Al-Ahbabi, the director-general of the space agency, that his country will release the first Arab astronaut on Mars within two months in the task of scientific and research activities, is also important to carry out experiments there.


    Mohammed bin Rashid announces the production of the first satellite through the efforts of Arab scientists

    According to the official news agency in Egypt, Abbas said that this process would be in coordination and cooperation with the Arab countries, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    Al Ahabi explained that the UAE will build and launch an Arab satellite at a cost of 100 million dirhams, noting that this project will serve the Arab countries and provide data and will be a platform for training and teamwork.

    He said the UAE launched the initiative and the Arab Space Assembly earlier this year, highlighting the importance of Arab cooperation in this area to serve future generations, stressing that space projects are expensive because of the risks and high technology and time.

    He added that the UAE has an important project, “the probe of hope” is a space ship from Earth to Mars, is already a hope for Arab youth, pointing out that the rights of the Arab region in the field of space should be well represented.

    Source: Agencies

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