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    Video of a Saudi pilot refused to bomb the Houthis ignites the sites of communication

    Gulf activists on Twitter, a video of a Saudi pilot in Yemen, canceled a mission on the order of the Arab Coalition for the presence of civilians on site.

    The website of the newspaper “Sabd” Saudi Arabia that this came after the terrorist attack Houthi, which targeted civilians Wednesday, Abha airport, which shows the ethics of the Saudi soldiers and their humanity, and to ensure that civilians are not harmed by any harm, “according to the newspaper.

    On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia announced that 26 civilians had been injured after the fall of Houthi, on the arrival lounge at Abha International Airport.

    The spokesman for the Arab coalition in Yemen, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that “the expelled Muadi Houthi fell in the arrival hall at Abha International Airport,” pointing out that work is under way to determine the quality.

    According to al-Maliki, the fall of the rocket “led to the injury of 26 civilians of passengers and of different nationalities, including (3) women (Yemeni, Indian, Saudi) and 2 Saudi children, and 8 cases were transferred to hospital for treatment due to moderate injuries , And treatment of 18 cases, including minor injuries, and the presence of some physical damage at the airport hall.

    He continued: “The leadership of the joint forces of the coalition, and in front of these acts of terrorism and immoral violations of the Houthi terrorist militia, will take urgent and immediate measures to deter this terrorist militia,” asserting that the bombing “may amount to a war crime.”

    The group “Ansar Allah” (Houthis), bombed an airport in Asir sector south-west of Saudi Arabia.

    Al-Masirah, a spokesman for Ansar Allah, said the group’s rocket-propelled grenade fired a cruise missile at Abha airport in Asir. The Yemeni channel quoted a source in the missile force, that the missile hit his target accurately, adding that the bombing led to the cessation of air navigation at the airport.

    Saudi Arabia has been leading a military alliance to support President Hadi’s forces to restore power since March 26, 2015, against the Huthis who control the capital, Sanaa.

    To date, the bloody conflict in Yemen has displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, cities and villages, the spread of infectious diseases and famine in some areas and the massive destruction of the country’s infrastructure. It also resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of thousands of civilians, as well as the deterioration of the humanitarian situation and the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially cholera, and the decline in the volume of cash reserves.

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