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    Drifting in South China Sea for 80 hours, Singapore diving enthusiast stayed sane by talking to his watch and life buoy

    Diving coach John Lowe managed to spend 80 hours in the South China Sea without food or water, keeping the hope of life that helped him survive.

    The 60-year-old diving expert did not know that his trip to Malaysia’s Tioman island with his small boat would end with a dangerous adventure, the Straitstimes newspaper reported.

    In early May, during his trip to the island and as he walked off the coast for half a kilometer until strong winds blew, the boat sank to snatch his backpack.

    At first, as Lowe described it, he saw the beach and predicted that a swimmer would benefit from his great experience swimming, that the waves stood in his face every time he tried to reach the beach.

    The swimmer is exposed to skin burns due to strong sun and salt water to look like a face for thousands of needles, and has been exposed to many skin problems as a result of sticking clothes on him for a long time in the water.

    Louis said he felt the movement of fish between his feet and also felt a number of bites of fish that swam with him.

    That his faith in survival and return to his family is what helped him to survive, to find him a group of fishermen who pulled him out of the sea and rushed to help him.

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