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    The “historic” wave of heat strikes large parts of the continent this week..Raspberry rail bars in Germany

    To counter the “historic” heatwave that is hitting large parts of the continent this week, European cities have taken extraordinary measures.

    The German newspaper The Guardian reported on Thursday that a German city has restricted the maximum speed of vehicles in a highway passing by.

    The city of Kouchn, near the Polish border, which registered 39 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday, decided to be the maximum speed in the speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

    Officials in the city followed the deterioration of the asphalt road.

    It did not stop there, as berry bars near the German coast of Rostock overlooking the Baltic Sea, showing the seriousness of the extraordinary heat wave.

    European countries have been hit by a heat wave that is expected to last a week, and temperatures in some European regions have reached 40 degrees Celsius.

    On Friday, France is expected to record a record heat wave, expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius.

    Source: Sky News

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