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    Texas hijacker shot dead in FBI operation

    A Texas man, who police said was kidnapped in a home invasion early, was killed by FBI agents who attacked the house where he was held, according to various reports.
    Many people, including two children, were inside the house in northeastern Houston while shots were being fired, said FBI spokeswoman Christina Graza. She declined to give details of the shooting, citing an ongoing investigation.
    An FBI agent was put on fire on leave pending an internal investigation.
    The Houston Chronicle reported that the unidentified victim was abducted from a house in Conroy on Wednesday by two men with guns forced to go inside. According to the newspaper, the brother of the victim and his 12-year-old son were committed to a tape.
    “[The kidnappers] They were asking for money they owed that no one knew about” Conro police sagged. Jeff Smith told the paper.
    Smith said the kidnappers claimed to have links with the Mexican drug cartel, but noted there was no evidence.
    Smith says to the “facts”
    : “There are often allegations of a link with the cartel only to put the factor of fear.”
    After the victim’s brother received a phone call asking for a ransom, the police and the FBI managed to track down the suspects at a clear lake hotel. Three people were arrested and interrogated, enabling the police to locate the victim at home.
    A woman at the house was arrested and charged with abductions, police told the Chronicle newspaper. Two men held at the hotel were charged with aggravated kidnapping and theft. It was not immediately clear if more charges would be raised.
    “This was not a random cartel thing,” Smith said. “It seems that someone is connected to the family.”