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    Trump: US lost $ 7 trillion dollars in military operations in the middle East

    The american president commented in an interview with cnbc spending on various military operations in the middle east. According to Trump, “Operations in the middle east proved to be disadvantageous for the United States. ” from statements Donald Trump: we, as the data show, spent (in recent years) in the middle east to $ 7 trillion. These operations were at a disadvantage. It’s a big loss for us. This kind of statement the us president made during the world economic forum in davos. Next Trumponce again stated that he personally defeated ISIS(*banned in Russia).
    From the statement of the american president and we are still there (the middle east). I defeated lih*, we did a great job. Our coalition has liberated from lih* almost 100% of the territories of Syria and Iraq. But in general, all very sad.
    Spent a lot of money. while the exact data about for how many years the us has spent on military adventures in the middle east this astronomical sum, Trump is not submitted. Also not told Trump about how mean is that to the middle east and military operations in the macro-region is Washington going to spend less.