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    CCTV captures moment former Miss Guatemala hopeful is shot in the back of the head in broad daylight

    This is the harrowing moment a former model and Miss Guatemala contestant was shot through the back of the head in broad daylight.
    Rosa Otilia Ramirez, 32, was killed at 7am on January 19 in Guatemala City as she walked home after dropping her daughter off at school.
    CCTV captured Ramirez’ final moments as she strolled along the pavement, unaware that a masked assassin was following her. 
    He can be seen reaching into his waistband and pulling out a handgun before quickening his step to catch up to her.
    Before Ramirez can even raise her head to check who is approaching he fires a single shot through the back of her head.
    She can then be seen crumpling to the floor before the man flees back in the direction he came.  

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