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    Death Toll Rises To 95 In Kabul Ambulance Bombing

    Wahid Majrooh, spokesman for the ministry of public health, has confirmed the death toll in Saturday’s ambulance bombing in Sedarat Square in the heart of Kabul city has risen to 95. 
    He also said that at least 163 people were wounded.
    The explosion happened just before 1pm on Saturday when an explosive laden ambulance was detonated in a busy area, which is close to Kabul’s infamous Chicken Street.
    The high casualty toll meanwhile put a serious strain on hospitals in the city, with the Emergency Hospital reporting by mid-afternoon that it was filled to capacity and could not take in any more patients.
    Patients were then transferred to other hospitals in the city.
    Extensive damage was caused to buildings and shops in the immediate vicinity while buildings across the city shook from the force of the blast.
    Immediately after the explosion a huge plume of smoke could be seen rising from the scene.
    Kabul residents also lashed out at government and said it was time for leaders to step down.
    The Taliban claimed responsibility for this attack.

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