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    Isbouh Commemoration Services of the Late Sayed Mohammad Ali Fadlallah in Dearborn

    Isbouh Commemoration Services of The late Sayed Mohammad Ali Fadlallah was held at the Islamic Center Of America in Dearborn. The MC for these commemorations was Dr. Mohamed Nasser The services began with versus of the holy Qura’an followed by a majlis recited by the Reciter Haj Mohammad Ayad after A word of thanks and a poem of condolence From Dr. Nouredine Saab Representative the Islamic Center Of America, then a word of thanks and a poem of condolence from Sayed Hassan Sobh Representative Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization USA and Speech was Delivered in the spirit of these events by Shaikh Ahmad Hammoud at the and speech and a thank you note from the MC Dr. Mohamed Nasser on behalf of Fadlallah Family and Bazzi Family and the lovers of the late

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