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    After a magnitude of 7.1 degrees .. A big crack appears in the desert of Mojave in California

    Satellite images have been able to monitor the massive impact of the California earthquake on Friday, the strongest earthquake to hit the state in 20 years.

    The images, Sky News reported Wednesday, are a major breach in California’s Mojave Desert.

    In the first picture, on the left, is part of the desert before the earthquake, while the other image on the right, long cracks, and the appearance in this form is huge.

    The fault occurred near a stream where water was flowing, and also near the epicenter of the quake.

    Last Friday, California was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, before a second earthquake measuring 6.4, followed by hundreds of aftershocks.

    Earthquakes caused injuries, fires in gas lines and road closures. But authorities say no casualties have been reported, and subsequent photos have shown that many of California’s roads have been cracked.

    The most populous US state was hit in 1999 by a powerful earthquake measuring 7.1.

    Source: Sky News

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