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    Video: Sky “raining” money in the United States

    Many motorists stopped and rushed to collect banknotes, but the police believed they had to return the money.

    Motorists were given the opportunity to collect dollars on a highway in Georgia (United States), according to reports by Radio WSB Radio.

    The incident occurred near the city of Atlanta. A rented car was traveling on Highway 285, when the side door broke open and the money was scattered and fell on the road.

    Many drivers stop on the road to grab banknotes or pick them up from the ground. Local police spokesman Robert Parson said those who managed to get the money would have to return it. How to search for “lucky people”, who left the scene, was not reported, with large amounts of money.

    The amount of money dispersed and the number of witnesses they have gathered remains unknown. According to Pearson, it has a large number of banknotes.

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