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    Video: After sinking Manhattan dark darkness .. Young man organizes traffic!

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A large section of the Manhattan area of ​​New York City was sunk in darkness on Saturday after a power plant explosion cut electricity from subway tunnels, shops and Broadway theaters, but the city’s main electricity company said it restored electricity to most areas within hours. .

    As traffic lights broke down, cars and taxis piled up at road intersections as emergency cars and fire engines set off their horns in an attempt to pass.

    A video of a young man trying to regulate traffic was spread.

    “All the lights have come back, and that’s also clear,” New York Gov. Andrew Como told a news conference after nearly five hours of power outages.

    John McFowey, CEO of Con Edison, said by mid-night electricity had been restored to most of the subscribers who had been cut off.

    Electricity has been cut off from more than 73,000 homes and businesses, officials said

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