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    US teenager shot dead by police (Video)

    The American police released a video documenting the death of a 17-year-old teenager after being shot by a police officer during an arrest.

    The video revealed that the girl, who ran into a police officer, had a gun in California’s Fullerton. Williams appeared here, standing next to her car, carrying a weapon pointed at the policeman who shot her. About 90 minutes before the tragic incident, the victim’s father called the police and said his daughter might hurt herself and explained that she was taking medication against depression.
    Police said one of the men spotted the girl driving her very fast on the road and then tried to stop her. The late woman took a dangerous turn on the road. When the vehicle stopped, the policeman tried to approach her, took out the weapon and decided to confront him.

    As soon as she was shot, the girl fell to the ground and asked for help, saying she was hit in the chest area.

    In the meantime, the girl’s family demands that the authorities investigate what happened and lead to the loss of the daughter’s life, rather than receiving help from the police.

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