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    Brazil Police Shut Down A Factory Making Fake Ferrari’s

    Brazil’s Itagai police found a factory producing fake Ferrari and Lamborghini cars.

    According to police information, the factory produced the cars on demand and sold through social networks throughout the country. The value of these vehicles ranged from 45-60 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to only 8% of the original value of cars of both types.

    During the raid, police found eight cars almost ready for marketing. Security forces were unable to determine the number of cars produced and sold at the plant, and did not disclose the details of the materials used in the manufacture.

    Investigations into the case began in the spring after representatives of Ferrari and Lamborghini filed a complaint about illegal copying of the two companies’ products.

    The factory was sued by a company from Sao Paulo, representing the interests of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Two of the clients filed a lawsuit against the factory for delay in carrying out their application.

    Source: Linta. Ro

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