Dearborn News

    Man arrested with knives at Fairlane Town Center

    A Detroit man causing a disturbance the afternoon of July 13 near JCPenney in Dearborn’s Fairlane Town Center had a weapons charge added to his initial trespassing citation when two knives were discovered in his backpack.

    Fairlane mall security personnel alerted the Dearborn Police officers, who were assigned to a detail in the mall when a disorderly man refused to leave the area near JCPenney.

    A search of the man’s backpack revealed an 8-inch kitchen knife and a 4-inch knife, both of which are considered lethal cutting instruments, and for which possession is in violation of Dearborn’s knife-carrying ordinance.

    The man was not cooperative during booking procedures and was placed in a jail cell, with total bond set at $1,750 for the combined trespassing and knife possession violations. The knives were placed in a sharps container and placed in a secure evidence storage area.


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