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    Prevent a pair of geese from having a wedding!

    In Minsk, Belarus, the competent authorities banned a wedding ceremony for a couple of geese at the will of their owners.

    According to the website, Andre, who lives in Minsk, wanted to have a wedding for his duo after he noticed their attraction to one another when they were gathered together. The male lived in the apartment and the female lived in his country house.

    When he “visits” the geese mentioned Kharfiester, according to André, the goose Krishna in the countryside “feel comfortable together”. So the leaders of the Vontacti social networking site advised him to hold a wedding party for the visitors.

    Andrey offers a letter to the Minsk Executive Committee asking for registration of a civil wedding party for the rioters in the park of Lucitsky.

    However, the competent authorities rejected Andre’s request, explaining why the wedding required a personal letter from the bride and that they must be citizens of the country.

    It was also pointed out in the rejection letter that geese can not be married in accordance with the Belarusian Family Code, which provides that marriage is a voluntary union between a man and a woman.

    The goose did not give up his idea of ​​a wedding ceremony for his birds, where he decided to stay in one of the clubs of the city on July 28.

    Source: Linta. Ro

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