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    3 Turkish soldiers killed in an explosion that targeted Turkish military convoy in the town of Atarib, Syria

    A Turkish military convoy has reportedly been struck by a car bomb as it passed through the town of Atarib, near Aleppo, killing three Turkish soldiers.
    Atarib lies halfway between the Turkish town of Reyhanli and the Syrian city of Aleppo, and is south of the Afrin region, where Turkey launched a military operation on Jan. 20.
    Jenan Moussa, a reporter for the Arabic Al Aan TV, tweeted on Tuesday that a large Turkish army convoy had been struck by an explosion, later adding that eyewitnesses had reported casualties.
    Al Jazeera Arabic reported the death of three Turkish soldiers in the blast, which the Syrian opposition news agency Thiqa says was caused by a car bomb attack. Thiqa tweeted a video it said was taken in the immediate aftermath of the attack.
    Another Turkish military convoy faced difficulties on its way towards Aleppo on Monday, Ahval Turkish reported. The convoy was prevented from reaching its destination due to bombardment by Syrian and Russian air force jets, though the convoy itself was not hit, according to the journalist Hasan Sivri.