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    A family earns $ 4 million an hour

    The family of Walton, the owner of the Walmart supermarket chain, has been described by Bloomberg as the world’s richest family.

    According to the agency, the family is making a profit of up to $ 70,000 per minute, or $ 4 million per hour, and the wealth of the family has increased from $ 39 billion to $ 191 billion, since it ranked the world’s richest household in 2018.

    The agency pointed out that other American families have made significant additions to their wealth, such as the family “Mars” owner of candy companies of the same name, where it added 37 billion dollars to its wealth to reach 127 billion dollars

    Another family, whose profits have increased from $ 26 billion to $ 125 billion, is the family of Cook, the owner of Thomas Cook, a global tourism company.

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